How to watch VR videos on iPhone?

It is really cool to think you are hunting zombies, swimming under the sea, or watch 360-degree movies using your iPhone. But iPhone is pushing its updates more on Augmented Reality rather than Virtual Reality compares to Android phones. iOS is more compatible with AR because of ARKit and there are no true VR apps available for iPhone.

But this doesn’t mean that iPhone users cannot experience VR. Apple made an effort in this but there are still issues about it. First of all, VR in iPhone is not really a VR experience. When we say VR, the user needs to be immersed in the app’s environment and can navigate according to their own will and direction.

In the case of iPhone’s VR, the environment provides limited interactivity because users are unable to create their own path. Moreover, most of the apps are guided which can make them feel flat rather than submerge into a whole new world.

VR is also great when watching videos, but can an iPhone user watch VR videos on iPhone? Yes, but there is no VR operating system for iOS. Thus, the apps come from the Apple App Store must be launched first before putting the iPhone into the headset.

Here are the two easy ways on how you can watch VR videos using your iPhone:


Youtube has a great collection of 360-degree videos in virtual reality. This feature has been enjoyed mostly by Android users but the site made it possible for iOS users to access them as well. To watch VR videos using an iPhone, a user just need to tap on a button within the video player to trigger the Cardboard mode.

Download VR video player

Since iOS doesn’t have a VR support kit, special VR video player is the most option to watch VR videos. There are numbers of these players iPhone users can download in Apple Store for VR watching experience.

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