Power Tips to Create Super Effective Explainer Videos

Over the past few years, explainer videos have blasted into the market with its uniqueness and adequacy in growing businesses. Your business must have explainer videos as long as you need to boost your ideas, elucidate your items or need to expand your transformation rates. They are designed to have visual aspects that can match the human mind and learn through the mixture of sound and visual incitement. As long as you want to have an explainer video that catches the attention of your target audience, you must consider various aspects. Here are some power tips to create super effective explainer videos.

The classic script structure

Every script writer knows about the classic script structure which is a basic structure followed by almost every script. An explainer video that follows this script is definitelybe as engaging as a Hollywood movie. A good explainer video should begin by explaining the problem of the target audience that your services or products solve. It will go ahead to explain how it solves their problems and why. Whether “how” and “why” are mixed up, make sure you make your audience understand.


Focus on your audience

The most important thing to be considered while creating an explainer video for your business is your target audience. Ensure the video explain to your audience how your services or products will help them solve their problems. This explainer video is not meant to sell any products to your clients but instead, make them understand why they need it. Make sure the video moves the audience to develop trust with your brand.

Have a clear call to action

 Nevertheless, you must not forget to make it clear in your script the actions that you expect your audience to take immediately after watching your explainer videos. They may either, download a demo or an eBook, share your website on the social media platform or any other act towards this cause. Make sure you give a call to action that is clear and conscience. Avoid making more than two or three calls to action in the same video. One video should have one call to action to make the content straightforward and clear.

Tell a story

As much as it is vital to present to explainer videos that present a problem-solving solution to your audience, you still need to ensure that you tell a story. A good story is one that touches a soft spot in your audience and even alters with their emotions to either make them happy or even laugh. By doing this, you will be engaging them, and they will remember your brand after that.

Stick to specific key points

There is nothing wrong with you being so passionate about your company. However, being too passionate may often lead to a poor script for an explainer video. With a bad explainer video, you can be sure that you may not sell as much as you would have a good tutorial. Make sure your video has a length of 280 words or 2 minutes at most. 12 minutes is just enough to explain your products and convince the audience.


If you are not a writer of any kind, be advised against writing your script for an explainer video because it won’t sell! You must consider hiring a script writer who has a good experience in creating video scripts that sell. If you feel insecure giving the job to somebody you know, go to Google and search for a writer on hire. A good script will promote your brand while a bad one won’t.

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