• Why Your Explainer Videos Don’t Work

Why Your Explainer Videos Don’t Work

Having a website is an achievement for anyone who wants to do business online. However, having it is one thing and marketing it to your potential client is another. While there are many ways to sell it, such as SEO, social media marketing and what not, many people have been duped into using expensive explainer videos as strategies. However, after some time, you may notice these videos do not serve their intended purpose. While there may be various reasons as to why they are not working for them, below are some common reasons why most entrepreneurs fail to make sales even after integrating them into their websites.

1.    The Explainer video Quality is Low

This is an offense mostly committed by most startups, primarily because of budget constraints. This one is a reason enough why most potential clients won’t take you seriously and opt to get services from your competitors. Quality is king when it comes to explainer videos for a website. Videos are responsible for your face online, and because you want to show your best face to your clients, poorly animated videos should be avoided like the plague.

2.    Your videos have not been customized

Apart from your video company enhancing the looks of your videos, they also need to showcase your brand. Ensure that the video can be traced back to you. A perfect explainer video needs to put your brand first in front of your clients’ eyes before anything else because that is what the video was intended to do in the first place. This technique ensures that your clients remember you even after they leave the site. Let the explainer video also be unique and easily clicks with your audience. Such a video is sure to stand out among millions of explainer videos online and make an impact on your visitors.

3.    Has too much information

A perfect explainer video script needs to define how the video should be built and also what to include and what to cut. A good scriptwriter and editor are trained to know what to include and what is not right to add. Having a video that is too overcrowded with information is recipes for having visitors leave your site, as this information will always confuse your impatient audience.

4.    Too Long

On the mention of explainer videos, most entrepreneurs think of 20 minutes videos, and here is where the rain starts beating. A lengthy video is one that is more than 2 minutes long. Anything beyond this mark will begin being boring. Always ensure your video is under 2 minutes long.

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