• Why Businesses Need to Adopt Explainer Videos

Why Businesses Need to Adopt Explainer Videos

If you want to attract visitors to your web-based business and explain them about your products and services then using animated explainer videos will work wonders for you. Specialists say that most visitors will only spend a paltry 20 seconds or less on a website that has nothing that compels them to stay any longer. This time is considered very critical because it gives your visitors a reason to either stay or leave. They will value your overall website within this short time.

One thing though, you want a site that attracts customers and retains them until they make a purchase.  If you find out that visitors keep coming and immediately leaving your site without making a purchase or within a short time, then you know that some things need to be fixed. Besides making your website attractive, you should be thinking of changing your marketing strategies, by use of explainer videos. They have stood the test of time and will never disappoint. Here you will learn several benefits that these videos have when used on a business website.

 Videos work better

In psychology, it is thought that 20% of individuals will remember what they read while a paltry 10% remembers what they have heard, but up to 80% of people remember what they have seen. Research shows that the human brain processes visual information up to 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore this research will tell you that audio and texts are less effective when you compare them with videos. Therefore, the video is king here. This is the same concept used in animated explainer videos for business websites.


Everyone is not new on how videos can at times go viral. However, this is as a result of its potential effect of the video. For a video to go viral, one needs to maximize its Shareability. With this, they can drive awareness and traffic to the message it portrays. The highest number of internet users consumes video than any other media, and this is why you should strive to use animated explainer videos on your business website. When the Shareability of these videos is maximized, then people will want to share them on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube in real time, and in turn, attracting new clients to your business website every time. When there is high traffic on your site, then it means that the conversion rate will most probably increase.

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